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Announcing WP eSign Beta: Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services for WordPress Plugin! Adobe® Document Cloud is launching this month with eSign Services (formerly known as EchoSign®) included with every subscription. What better time to bring the world’s most powerful eSignature platform to the world’s best CMS, WordPress? Launch of the Beta is scheduled for September 1st, 2015.

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Plugin Features

Manage From WordPress

Do most of what you can do at EchoSign.com right from your WordPress Admin Interface.

Advanced Document Options

Access additional document options right in your WordPress Media Library and Document interfaces.

Quickly Attach Documents

Find Adobe EchoSign Documents and link to them on pages or posts using handy WYSIWYG Toolbar Buttons.

Automation Options

Create EchoSign Widgets from WordPress or EchoSign Library Documents and vice versa.

Create Editable Documents

Use the WP EchoSign Document Writer Extension to create Template Tag Documents which can be used to create Smart PDFs as well as Adobe EchoSign Library Documents and Embeddable Widgets without the need for Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

User Synchronization

Sync your WordPress and Adobe EchoSign users, unlocking workflow opportunities and possibilities.

MegaSign by Roles or Groups

Use WordPress User Roles or select users manually to send MegaSign Documents to groups.

Import Users & Form Data

Convert Document Participants into WordPress Users or download form data in CSV or XML formats.

Audit & Workflow

Track Document History, as well as per WordPress User, moving documents and users back and forth.

Multi-Language Support

Install the WP EchoSign for WordPress Languages Extension and add multi-language and internationalization support. (Coming soon. Initial languages with be Spanish and French.)

Media Library Integration

Import any document from Adobe EchoSign into WordPress or vice versa, creating EchoSign documents easily.

Easily Embed Widgets

Use WYSIWYG Toolbar Buttons to quickly find Adobe EchoSign Widgets and embed them on pages or posts.

Configurable Shortcodes

Easily embed Adobe EchoSign Widgets or Document Links with configurable shortcodes via the WYSIWYG Toolbar.

Configurable Sidebar Widgets

Choose between EchoSign Document or Widget lists, customize options, and publish via Sidebar Widgets.

Additional Extensions

More Extensions for WP EchoSign for WordPress are currently in development, including Add-Ons for WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Formidable Pro and other popular WordPress plugins.

Future Plans and Pricing

WP EchoSign for WordPress Beta will have a Free (Lite) Version as well as a Subscription-based Commercial (Pro) Version that offers 2 additional Extensions with more coming.


1 WP User / 1 Domain
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Customize to Your Needs
$10/mo (each)
  • Additional Synced Users (+$10/mo per additional 10 users)
  • Additional Domains (+$10/mo per additional Domain URL)
  • Language Localization Extension (+$10/mo)
  • WP EchoSign Writer Extension (+$15/mo)
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Custom Development
  • Simple or complex integrations
  • Integrations with other plugins
  • Non-WP EchoSign application development
  • 3rd Party API integration
  • Adobe EchoSign business consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Version of Adobe EchoSign Do I Need?
Adobe EchoSign Global is required to run this plugin. In order to integrate your WordPress site with your Adobe EchoSign account, you will need API access and that is only available with the Global version.
What is your subscription cancellation policy?
If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will cancel your subscription and discontinue billing immediately. If you don’t find WP EchoSign for WordPress isn’t making your eSignature process via your WordPress website more efficient nor effective, we will immediately cancel your subscription or modify your plan accordingly.
What Features Are in the Free (Lite) Version?
WP EchoSign for WordPress Lite comes with all of the functionality and features of the Pro version, but is limited to only one WordPress User that can be synced to an Adobe EchoSign user. In most cases, this is the administrator of one or both.
Can I Upgrade to Pro if I'm Already Using the Lite Version?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time without having to uninstall or install anything. Purchase a subscription and you will receive a WP EchoSign Pro License Key. Simply enter the WP EchoSign Pro License Key and the email address you used to purchase your subscription with, and you will be able to sync up to 10 WordPress users.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, let us know. We’ll respond quickly. We promise.
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